How To Live In Bali, 2017 Edition — Your Complete Guide

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How To Live In Bali reader review:
“I initially read the book just to enhance my travels in Indonesia and for info on Bali expenses, but your book really got me thinking! Hard to get any work done now!!….
…Full of good information from a true insider. It was one book about Bali that I didn’t find disappointing.” –Bev, Canada

Are you:

  • A young person (of any age) seeking ways to avoid sitting in a cubicle for the best years of your life?
  • Nearing or in retirement, wondering if you have enough savings or pension to continue to live well?
  • Tired of the rat race and ready for a break to plan the next phase of your life?

I feel lucky–in my years in Bali I’ve met hundreds of people who used to be in one of these three categories. People who found a tropical island to both enjoy today and create a better future. A place you can live very well, at a fraction of the cost back home.

No two stories are alike, and they each deeply, sincerely inspire me.

So I wrote a book about how to live in Bali. You can get it here.

I packed it with everything I’ve learned since I established a base in Bali and bought property with my wife in 2005…as well as every tip and lesson I’ve learned from others.

Tom Mullaly

“How To Live In Bali” author Tom Mullaly

How To Live In Bali comes in at just under 30,000 words. It’s grown over the years from a simple Bali cost of living guide to a comprehensive 2017 Bali ‘expat kit’: everything you need to know about staying longer than a tourist would on the “Island of the Gods”, all in one place.

Moving to Bali might not be for you. I’d never try to convince you that it is.

My hope is that you’ll come away with enough info to be fairly sure one way or the other.

When you’re done with How To Live In Bali you’ll know details like:

  • The best areas to live in Bali, and pros/cons of each.
  • Seven distinct accommodation options you have in Bali, and specific examples in various price ranges, with photos. Value for money is better than you’d dare imagine!
  • The best visa to get for longer stays, and how you can get it before you ever leave home.
  • Your transportation options, and costs.
  • My own concept of Bali as a three-tiered economy, which will inform important decisions you make on where to live, shop, eat, socialize, etc. in Bali.
  • How to navigate the often-misunderstood situation as to foreigners owning property in Indonesia. The specific caveat you must understand, no matter how good your Indonesian notaris is. And, what I think is a far better option than purchasing property (and I say that as a property owner).
  • The only three Bali hospitals I and my family visit if we have a problem.
  • How you can find extremely inexpensive flights from all over the world to Bali. Less than $500 round trip from the US? Yes. Really.
  • A locals-only insider tip that might save you more money on your first trip in from the Bali airport than the cost of this book!
  • What you shouldn’t drink with a bunch of friendly locals out in rural areas of Bali.
  • The current situation with dengue fever and rabies.
  • How to handle getting pulled over by the police on a motorbike or a car (because you probably will).
  • The only type of taxi you should ever take in Bali.
  • How to stay in Bali for free. No freeloading. 100% legal (obviously).
  • The lifesaver Indonesian apps you need for your phone to get deliveries from restaurants and markets, a manicure or a massage, etc., in case you’re sick, or just feeling lazy. The pros and cons of the different transportation apps available in 2017 (hint: I never use Uber in Bali).
  • Travelers’ insurance vs. longer-term expat insurance: knowing the difference and determining which coverage you need.
  • The four-letter word you’ve never heard before which describes the type of Indonesian accommodation I recommend for you to live very well, if money is tight.
  • How you can save big money on ATM fees, including the exact checking account you need to pay ZERO ATM fees if you’re American.
  • The document you really should get for driving, before you ever leave home.
  • The best place in Seminyak to go to get your phone connected to the internet and set to make calls (10 minutes or less), to avoid confusion or getting ripped off.
  • What you must consider as you decide between getting around with a car or a motorbike, or possibly without either (you read that right). Don’t sign a lease until you read this chapter.
  • The only place you should change foreign currency into rupiah in Seminyak.
  • And more…

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Supporting Yourself In Bali: The Centerpiece Chapter

Money is by far the most common hurdle people have when they express interest in living in Bali. Not everyone has a fixed income, or enough money saved to live on for six months to a year, or more. Taking advantage of the cost of living in Bali takes you only so far…

Well, I’ve listened.

Because of this, the centerpiece of How To Live In Bali is the chapter on supporting yourself in Bali. It’s huge.

My task in this chapter was to cover the best and most popular ways to earn in Bali, from jobs (not the best way) to businesses you can start, to explaining the very best way of all for most people–managing online income streams–without completely overwhelming readers.

I believe that whatever work experience, interests and aptitudes you have, you can create income streams to support yourself in Bali.

If you have no idea about using the Internet to earn, I’ve done my best to explain basic-to-intermediate concepts well enough to 1) show that earning the US$600 to $800/month you’d need to get by in Bali at minimum is within your grasp and 2) get you excited to learn more, using links I provide to authorities who will provide you with excellent, free education.

Of course there’s also an additional ‘links’ sections to get you started on Bali research, so you’ll be saving both time and money when you arrive in Bali.

If you’ve ever wondered about the practicalities and prices of living on a tropical island in Asia in 2017–I mean a clear-eyed look at staying longer than a tourist would–you’ll have everything you need to know in one book here.

Indonesia is one of the cheapest places to live in the world, and Bali is one of the cheapest places to have a base or retire and live really well.

You might be very surprised at how many people do this nowadays.

If you’re familiar with you know I cover topics like Bali and Asia travel, specifics on how to use online income to support a traveler/expat lifestyle in Asia (or in your hometown for that matter), and the mindset one needs to redefine their life.

This book is an extension of these themes and reflects thousands of interactions I’ve had with Wage Freedom readers since 2008. It contains every lesson I can think of from my years in Bali.

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