Freedom? Maybe a working definition is appropriate.

To the individual, it could mean the power to create change in one’s life. Freedom is the muscle we use when we choose not to adapt, for whatever reason. We use freedom when we choose to change the world or our relationship to the world, in some large or small way, rather than seeking happiness in the way things are now.

Regardless of how much freedom we have, or think we have, we use it to differing degrees, based on a worthy direction we see for ourselves, or how dissatisfied we are with our present situation.

Again, we might use it because we see a place we’d prefer to try/be, or to get away from, or change, something we don’t like.

Not everyone is interested enough in these two reasons for using freedom to actually use it. People work hard to create lives with which they are satisfied, without negative elements that might provoke them to change things or leave. We hope to arrive one way or another at a good place where we can say that that there is nowhere over the horizon that we’d rather be. By ‘be’ I mean ‘be professionally’ or be, period.

Contentment is beautiful, and I hope you have a lot of it in your life. It should be cultivated and enjoyed when it’s not accompanied by laziness or fear. But this site is not for the part of you that is content. And as vital as your ability to adapt is, this site is not about adaptation either. is for the part of you that already uses your power to change your life, your freedom, and knows that it’s a blade that must remain sharpened by resolve, always. This site celebrates positive, audacious disruption.

I have known the value of reminders of this to myself, through reading, friends, and my own hastily-jotted notes. Resolve is amplified by periodic affirmation and encouragement. This site is a repository for everything that can move individuals to constructive change, growth, redefinition.

As far as I’m concerned, can be created by anyone who would like to share how they freed themselves or plan to free themselves from employment, and what they have done with their freedom once they won it for themselves. Please submit your suggestions, life hacks, pointers specific or general, inspiration small or large. is to remind people that there are other ways, in the broadest sense, and encourage the notion that they can change things, at some speed, to some degree, if they understand that the limits to their freedom are always–always— weaker than they imagine. And that we are stronger than we have yet had to show.

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