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Here are detailed descriptions of how each Wage Freedom coaching program can help you. Just click the ‘+’ sign to the right of each name to open the accordion feature. Use the form at the bottom to sign up. Whether there are available client places or not, I’ll respond to you within 24 hours.

I take on five clients maximum at any one time.

Client Testimonials:Tom, yesterday’s Meeting with you was so helpful to me, very significant because it was just so encouraging and gave me some practical ideas and frameworks to take my Nextep and that means the world to me. You really do have not just wisdom but great compassion and that is something of incredible value that you have.

— Russell, Australia

“I really enjoyed the very informative, and personalized session that Tom provided during his coaching session. Some of the not-so-obvious details about moving to Bali, will probably end up saving me more than ten-fold what the session cost.  Not to mention wasted time, and unnecessary frustration.  Thanks Tom – appreciate your great advice!”

— Rik, USA (Expat Onboarding package)

“My first call with Tom brought so many things into focus in such a short time! Tom has an obvious expertise and knowledge of the field of making income online, and his view on my situation was invaluable! After a 1 hour call with Tom I felt clear about my direction (though with an obvious learning curve), a sense of excitement and the possibilities ahead for both myself and my new online business!”

— Simon, UK (Digital Redefinition package)

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Expat Onboarding Sessions: for more info click the '+'

Need more personalized info–answers regarding your specific situation–than you’ll find in my book “How To Live in Bali”?

Do you need an early-stage assessment as to whether having a base in Bali makes sense for you and your family, from an experienced, unbiased Bali expatriate who’s answered thousands of questions about living in Bali since 2005?

I moved to Bali over 10 years ago with my wife and 80-year-old mother. If you’re a Wage Freedom reader you know how much first-hand experience I have with everything from Bali hospitals to buying/leasing property to sorting out your visa situation, etc. Naturally I also have a huge network of friends who’ve increased my store of info along the way.

Do you want to quickly determine if you and your family face any unforeseen hurdles involved in a move to Bali, before you put too much time into research?

Often we ‘don’t know what we don’t know’ when we’re looking at a big change.

Accelerate the process instead of wading through online info that might be outdated or inaccurate.

This consultation is tailored to your needs. Areas we can cover are:

  • The Bali big picture, for 2017. The good and the bad. Reasons not to have a base in Bali. Just this will save you weeks of wading through dubious online search results.
  • Get a firm grasp on current Bali expenses, on everything you’ll want to maintain (or enhance) the lifestyle you’re accustomed to back home. Most people I talk to have financial constraints. You’ll be very surprised at the excellent, affordable situations to which I can point you.
  • Current conditions in the Bali property market; areas in Bali you might want to avoid and areas you definitely want to consider.
  • Understand the limitations of healthcare in Bali, what you can reasonably expect and what you cannot. Planning for contingencies and knowing your options for insurance.
  • Understand what visa best fits your situation, once and for all.
  • A comparison of Bali and other expat enclaves in SE Asia, for making a base. I’ve visited them myself and/or I have friends who live there, and I’ve heard all the bragging—and the complaints!
  • Answers to every question you can think of: things that apply to you and your family that might be very hard to find reliable answers to online. If I don’t know, I’ll know where to find out.
  • Need an introduction to a notaris to help you with a real estate transaction? A reliable real estate agent? Someone who’ll help you set up an Indonesian business structure (or determine if you need one)? Get introductions to my network of Bali professionals, as needed.

You can count on me not to sugarcoat the lifestyle here….and why would I? If, after you tell me about your situation, I don’t think a move to Bali makes sense for you and your family for any reason I’ll tell you.

If you decide it does make sense I guarantee my input will save you time, money and make the process of creating a base in Bali smoother for you.

And, if you’re already definitely planning a move to Bali, I’ll give you clarity on last minute questions you might have, to reduce any nerves you might be feeling and make sure you’ve got every last detail covered.

Whether making a base in Bali is years down the road or coming up soon, make use of my knowledge and perspective to make a smarter move.

US$195 per session. Please scroll down and fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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Digital Redefinition Program: for more info click the '+'

How many of these questions do you answer ‘yes’ to?

  • Are you tired of spending the best hours of your day and precious years of your life doing things you hate for employers, rather than using your talents and interests?
  • Do you need a way to supplement (or replace) your income, want to learn new skills to protect you and your family from an unpredictable job market and world economy?
  • Have you been curious about making money online for a long time, and suspecting there’s a way for you to participate, if only you knew how to start?
  • Do you want to put your best efforts into your own business?
  • Do you want an inexpensive way to start your own lean business? One that emphasizes working smart rather than spending or borrowing tens of thousands of dollars?
  • Do you want the freedom to choose your work hours, and where you work from?
  • Are you intrigued by stories of ‘digital nomads’ traveling the world while supporting themselves from their laptops?
  • Do online products seem designed more to make money from the people you’d buy them from, than for you?

Imagine how different your life would be if you could use the Internet to make money

The Wage Freedom Digital Redefinition Program is a customized foundation and path forward for choosing the best direction **for you** to get started making money online.

It’s early-stage mentorship for starting well.

It’s the very best of you, redefined to take advantage of online opportunity in 2017.

The landscape for making money online remains like a gold rush, except in this case you don’t have to leave your house.

Yes, it takes work.

But huge, ongoing changes in technology, new tools and methods mean there are still many unexploited niches from which you can earn. I and people I help have used a wide variety of them.

It’s the reason why it is–truly–not too late for you to get started.

But guess what I hear more than anything else when I tell people this good news?

Does this sound familiar?

“Sounds great Tom. But I have no idea where to start.”

And that’s no surprise.

It’s hard to know the opportunity if you don’t know the overall landscape.

So you’ve probably Googled for ways to make money online. After 30 minutes you were dizzy.

Worse, it’s pretty clear that everyone wants to sell you the method or tool they provide.

And that’s probably no surprise, but with all this conflicting info how would you know what method or approach is best for you?

The Digital Redefinition program is my answer to that question.

I’ve been pointing people to enormous posts I’ve written to help you answer it, for eample:

Making Money Online in 2018: 22 Experts to Get You Started

How to Make Money Online with No Website and Few Technology Skills

–but it’s clear many Wage Freedom readers are interested in more direct, aggressive and personalized help.

That’s why we’ll come at it from the opposite direction.

Not overwhelmed by the ocean of opportunity out there.

Not biased toward any particular method out there either.

Instead, we’re going to start with you.

I designed the ‘Digital Redefinition’ program to totally sidestep the information overload and misinformation that wastes your time or has you stuck.

Here’s how Digital Redefinition works:

After you fill out the application below with some basic information about you, we have an in-depth exploratory phone/Skype/Google Voice call where you tell me about:

  • Your aspirations for your life generally.
  • Your priorities: More money? More time? Retirement security? Location independence? A bigger house?
  • Your work experience.
  • Your hobbies.
  • What you’re passionate about.
  • What you’re good at.
  • What people ask you for advice on.
  • What you tend to talk about with your friends.
  • Any previous entrepreneurial experience you have.
  • Your level of technical interest, and ability.
  • Your communications skills–are you a talker? A writer? Are visual arts your thing? On what social media channels are you active? Do you enjoy crafts? Fine arts? Are you ‘good with your hands’? An ‘idea’ person?
  • How much money you have—if any–to put toward an online enterprise. And to be clear, you have many options even if your budget is very limited.

We’ll let your interests, talents, experience dictate our starting points, then I will deliver you the best intersection of who you are with opportunities to make money online that are out there.

You can expect from one to four specific custom paths/solutions you can start down immediately. There will probably be one direction that jumps right out at us, but I will explain the pros and cons of different possibilities for you. I will provide you with a roadmap forward–again, with all the detail you need–for the first few months.

And I can guarantee that some–maybe most–of what I suggest for you will surprise you!

But it won’t feel foreign, or over your head. Why?

First, because I’ll provide you with the plan and give you all the guidance you need to create your business. We will start where you are: your level of knowledge, ambition, and available time.

But also, remember: this is who you are, simply projected into a new environment. Is your thing scuba, or knitting, or sales, or fixing up cars, or …..?

You know ‘your thing’. You just need to know how to communicate and monetize your expertise to make use of it to earn online. Educating you on that is my job. I’m very good at it.

Some people can make multiple income streams from their interests and aptitudes.

Others have a passion for a specific thing they can focus on exclusively.

This is the value in Digital Redefinition. It starts with you.

I’ve helped people from a wide variety of backgrounds: recently a paralegal from the US new to Bali, Indonesia who wanted to change careers, start importing jewelry to the US and sell it online. The German accountant who deserved a better way to earn than selling his time by the hour. And many more.

I’m so confident I can deliver results for you that if you aren’t thrilled with my initial suggestions for you to make money online I will refund your money after the first session.

If you really want it, the business you create around your interests and abilities can be enough to quit your day job.

You will have to work–harder than you do at your day job, at least in the beginning–but I won’t rest until we have centered in on your niche and you know exactly how to make money from it.

This discovery phase won’t be a drawn-out process, but it will be thorough. You’ll decide, then we will move forward.

With deep specifics of your next steps laid out in front of you, you’ll proceed with confidence knowing you have a viable path forward.

I’ll continue to help you as long as you feel you need me, and while I think I can help you. Sound good?

Fill out the application below.

For something you’ll approach this seriously–a 21st century career change–doesn’t it seem smart to become aware of the full range of opportunity that exists for you?

And then to determine one method–or a small set of options–that really fits you?

For most people with whom I speak this is the crucial early-stage piece they’ve been missing.

They just don’t know where to start.

Don’t waste time guessing, and risk wasting time, money and enthusiasm going in a sub-optimal direction. Use my expertise to find a custom direction for you and let me help to get you started.

I believe everyone reading this has the ability to live on a tropical island–or, simply to quit a job they dislike–and support themselves using the Internet, if they want to. What a crazy idea, right?

This entire website was set up in support of that simple notion.

I’m ready to go to war with you.

Embracing the Internet as a way to earn changed everything about my life.

Let’s see if I can help you.

US$395/month for two 90-minute sessions and additional coursework. Please scroll down and fill out the form below. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

mindset coach Tom Mullaly Wage Freedom
Transition Management Program: for more info click the '+'
The ‘Transition Management’ program is how I help people in the midst of major life transitions. Challenges like:

  • How to discover what you want.
  • Should you quit your job?
  • Should you go back to school?
  • How to handle a breakup.
  • How to stay committed to not drinking.
  • How to get motivated.
  • How to get focused.
  • How to live with something you cannot change.

This program isn’t for everyone.

I’ll travel your path alongside you during a critical time in your life.

Have you ever looked back at a difficult period and thought: ‘It was hard but without it I wouldn’t be the person I am today, or have the life I have’?

The problem is that the line between being transformed by a situation and being overwhelmed and broken by it is a thin one.

I’ve done it both ways and I know the difference between riding a big wave that’s beyond your comfort zone, and wiping out.

With the Transition Management program I want to help you turn disruption–or the threat of disruption–into an opportunity for growth and progress.

I’m offloading my bandwidth, intention, experience and compassion for your challenge. I will thoroughly understand you in relationship to the problem you face.

I won’t enable you, pity you, or engage in unproductive hand-wringing with you.

But I will provoke the capacity you have in yourself to rise to your challenge, whether it’s a challenge you choose or one that’s thrust upon you.

I’m both extremely analytical and empathetic. I’ve “done the reading”. I connect.

I have the tools to understand the problem as you see it, the perspective to see the wider context as the means to help construct a solution for you, and the empathy to proactively travel with you on your path to improvement.

If you want to change the circumstances of your life, I am here for you.

Please scroll down and fill out the application below. Tell me as much as you’d like about yourself and the change you want to make.

Whether I have a spot open or not you’ll hear from me within 24 hours.

US$395/month for two 90-minute sessions, and additional coursework.

(If it is urgent, or I think I can be rapidly effective, I do make exceptions as to the number of clients I’ll take on.)