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5 Reasons Why Creating Online Income Is Easier Than Ever

I often suggest that making money online is something Wage Freedom readers take a look at, as a way to supplement their income or create an entirely new career.

You have 100 reasons to reject the idea, I know. People unfortunately assume that they need a tech-related college degree, or that they’re too old, not technical enough, or that all the good ideas have been taken, etc. to even get started earning.

I’d like to share five reasons why I think everyone should at least take a look at earning online.

I do this because it’s changed my life and the paths of dozens of people I know, several of whom wouldn’t claim to be particularly ‘technical’. It’s given me opportunities I never saw coming, and never would have had otherwise, like living in Bali. It’s made the future more open-ended, unpredictable, promising.

Participating in tech change implies more opportunity five or ten years from now, something many people do not feel.

Yes I’ve had to work, but I believe building my own online enterprises has been a much higher value activity than any job I have ever had. It let me choose a path that fit me.

Can you say that about your current job?

Why you should learn to use the Internet to make money

1) Flexibility. Create your own hours, work from anywhere, toward success as you define it. This implies discipline and motivation, and that means that frankly it’s not for everyone. But if flexibility means a liberation you choose to use, self-employment online might suit you.

2) Start up costs can be very low, especially compared to ‘brick and mortar’ businesses with physical infrastructure and employees. Setbacks don’t have to be expensive and experimenting with different methods won’t kill your budget. Sharing your expertise by starting a blog is a great way to begin to build a following.

3) Education is necessary, but nowadays you absolutely don’t have to be a technical whiz to succeed. Much of the education you do need is free or very cheap. Here are 22 excellent free places to start.

4) The rapid pace of tech change is creating online opportunity, for everyone. With new methods and tools being invented all the time, the landscape is shifting and will continue to do so. This means many of today’s experts won’t have the upper hand unless they keep learning, in order to keep up with the new competition (i.e. you!).

5) Tech literacy is on the rise, for us all. Making money from your online presence is part of this trend, and soon it will be quite common. The barriers to entry are extremely low. The tipping point for the average person with an idea or a desire to work for herself is closer than ever for this reason. I believe it will hugely affect the level of material comfort many people have in retirement. You’ll do well to get started early. Your competition is.

Whether I’ve convinced you or not, why not take a look at my comprehensive guide on how to get started earning online?

There’s nothing to buy, I simply want to give back to Wage Freedom readers.

I’ve listed 22 authorities from across the Internet who I believe offer the best FREE education on a huge range of methods and tactics. I also provide you background where you need it: I wrote it for people with zero experience.

No matter what your background, interests, education or level of technical proficiency, I believe there’s something for everyone in the guide, please click here to dive in!

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